Ubon Workshop: Workshop on Field study and Data Analysis

Workshop on Field study and Data Analysis

4-6 August  2015
Hosted by : MSSRC, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand



For millions of people across Southeast Asia, water resources are inextricably linked to local livelihoods and wellbeing, agricultural production and food security, and local economies. Water resources are also linked to large-scale development plans, including for irrigation and hydropower development. The “Capacity Building and Professional Development of Water Governance and Regional  Development Practitioners in the Mekong, Salween and Red river basins (MK31, 32 and 33)” project will strengthen the capacity for undertaking research and policy engagement of scholars and practitioners of water, land and energy use, management and governance in the Red, Mekong and Salween river basins. A particular cross-cutting focus of the project is research on gender and other forms of social marginalization. It also intends to build a learning community amongst these scholars and practitioners.

Our first workshop was held in Hanoi on 20 – 22 June 2015, hosted by the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources. The focus of that workshop was on preparing a detailed research design. In this second workshop, we now focus on the principles and best practices of undertaking fieldwork, and how to document and analyze the findings. This workshop, hosted by the MSSRC, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University, will entail workshop based discussion and practical experience in the field.

Workshop objectives

The workshop objectives are for research fellows to:

  • learn about social-science research methods and how to apply them in field work
  • consider how to incorporate these research methods into their own fieldwork
  • practice these research methods in the field, and reflect critically on their use
  • learn how to undertake basic data analysis of qualitative and quantitative field data
  • continue to build relationships between one another across the river basins

The topics of the field survey are

  1. Roles of women in wetland management
  2. Roles of government and local authority in irrigation management
  3. Civil society and people organization in wetland recovery
  4. Traditional water management
  5. Local Livelihoods and change of wetland resources and utilization

Workshop Agenda
Agenda_Ubon_field study Workshop Updated 29.7.15
UB_WS Logistic note

PPT presentation based on their assigned topic. The results are as follow;
(Cr. MK31 Project)

Group 1 – Role of Women

Group 2 – Role of Government

Group 3 – Role of Civil Society

Group 4 – Traditional Water Management

Group 5 – Local Livelihoods

Field study tools’ presentation by Carl Middleton

Experience of past fellow on data collection tools by Dr.Watcharee Srikham

Field Work Site: Rasi Salai Dam and communities around the dam, Si Sa Ket Province, Thailand

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